Private Client: Carret’s Flagship product for Big Investors

Neha Kumari, alumni of IIT BHU and Shuja Hussain, alumni of IIM Ahmedabad founded the company Carret. It facilitates the trading of more than 100 cryptocurrencies and offers high returns on crypto investments.

Carret was founded to develop the next-generation cryptocurrency investment platform for individuals. It is intended for people who wish to earn money with cryptocurrencies as efficiently as possible.

Let’s first discuss 24Carret a little bit

Our flagship product, 24Carret, guarantees a maximum annual return in India. As of now, the platform offers interest rates of up to 8% for Bitcoin, 9% for Ethereum, and 17% for both USDC & USDT.

How do we do this?

To mitigate risk, Carret’s crypto assets are distributed across multiple institutional borrowers, protocol-level staking, and the DeFi network. With 24Carret, India’s first crypto high-yield account, you can earn beyond crypto trading. Using this yield-bearing account through the app store and play store, users can earn passive income on assets regardless of market conditions.

In addition to their flagship 24Carret product, Carret has a new offering for institutional investors.

We are introducing Private Client Services for institutional investors interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

What is Carret’s Private Client?

Carret has introduced a one-of-a-kind flagship product that enables institutional investors to tailor the APY based on their risk profile and investment objectives. The launch of this product was prompted by the founders of Carret’s keen awareness of institutional investors’ enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency market. It is the first institution in India to offer a customizable fixed-income product to institutional investors.

There is no denying that institutional investors bring in new capital, and certainly more capital than retail investors can in the cryptocurrency market. This product is aimed at HNIs, UHNIs, and Institutional Investors who desire a fixed income tailored to their risk tolerance.

What makes Private Client unique?

In India, no other company offers this product. The exclusive service is only accessible to these prominent customers through the Carret website.

With Private Clients, unlike 24Carret, we offer a customized rate of return on investments. Stablecoins, for instance, earn 17% APY. However, private clients have the option of customizing the duration of their investments and negotiating the annual percentage yields. Even if APYs for retail clients are reduced in the future, Carret will retain that APY for its private clients.

Our team will handle account creation, order fulfilment, and other operational responsibilities. It will provide the Private Client with a resource dedicated to meeting all of their needs. Every institutional investor will have a dedicated team working on their account to provide superior customer service, an OTC counter, and expedite their investments.

Our founder Neha Kumari asserts that Carret generates these returns by combining technological and human elements, utilizing in-house experts and external financial consultants to develop the product.

Visit, fill out the details and our experts will get in touch with you.

We are seeing a surge of institutional investors’ money coming into the Crypto space. With a product like Private Client, Indians can now get to invest in crypto space on a trusted platform backed by Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, former BlackRock executive Yan Wu, and Amesten Capital. 

Carret is developed to address the three most significant obstacles consumers face when adopting crypto assets: the risk of loss due to price volatility, the complexity of investing in cutting-edge DeFi protocols, and the lack of a user-friendly mobile app. The platform offers a secure, user-friendly solution for managing investments and protecting funds from market fluctuations.