Beginners Guide: What is Blockchain Technology and its Advantages

Blockchain Technology

The decentralized tech that underpins digital assets is known as the blockchain. It’s an indestructible ledger that keeps track of both financial and non-financial transactions and can be programmed to do so. What is Blockchain technology? Blockchain is a method of storing data that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the […]

Let’s Understand Why Polygon is the Next Big Thing in the Crypto World

what is Polygon

Ethereum is fantastic; it’s the most popular DeFi development hub and, by far, the most secure smart-contract capable blockchain in terms of miner and node activity. However, it has a couple of serious drawbacks. It does not work well with other blockchains and suffers from severe congestion due to massive user demand. However, Polygon, a […]

Is this a good time to invest in Avalanche? Check it out!


Avalanche is a smart contract-capable platform, that aims to improve blockchain technology, particularly interoperability, scalability, and usability. What is Avalanche? Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralised applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in a unified, highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche is the first decentralised smart contract platform designed for global finance, with near-instant transaction completion.  […]